fOOD ALLERGY pARENTS: Workshop from a Doctor & Food Allergy Mom 


Struggling to protect your child with food allergies?

From Donna DeCosta, MD 
Founder of the Food Allergy and Sensitivity Circle

Dear Parents,

Have you ever felt...

-overwhelmed and that food allergies are a minefield to manage?

-fearful about your kids going to school, playing sports, socializing and being excluded from activities?

-worried about your kids being away from you, fearing they'll have a reaction and not know what to do?

-confused and alone?

Well you are not alone!

Hi I'm Dr. Donna DeCosta, a physician, author, food allergy advocate, support group leader and most importantly the mother of two sons with life-threatening food allergies.

Over the past two decades navigating food allergies, I too have wrestled with all the above questions. 

When my oldest son was first diagnosed, I was afraid, upset, and overwhelmed. 

Even being a doctor, I didn't know how I was going to protect him.  It was terrifying not knowing how I was going to keep him alive let alone how he would ever be able to go out into the world and do normal "kid things".  

Would he ever be able to leave my side

How would he go to school, birthday parties and over a friend's houses?

Would he be able to travel or go to camp?

After that day when his allergist hit me with the diagnosis, I did probably the same thing you did - turned to the internet.

At that time, there were fewer resources.  Today in some ways in can be even more overwhelming because there are so many people talking and advising that it's hard to know who to trust.

I learned as much as I could about food allergies and educated my immediate family, his daycare and my son.

Things were going well until one day I saw him eating a cookie that I had not packed when I picked him up at daycare.  

I had an aha moment and realized that in addition to educating the people around him, who I call his Food Allergy Circle, I needed to equip him with tools to stay safe too. (even though only 2 years old)

I, like so many others, taught my child and others ABOUT food allergies but what I found was missing was that I needed to teach him ways to be EMPOWERED so that he would feel less like a victim and more a part of the solution.  

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that a two-year-old should be responsible for their food allergies.

I believe, however, that there are tools you can teach, even young children, to become a partner with you in keeping them safe.  As they get older, the responsibility of members of their Food Allergy Circle decreases as they begin to take on more responsibility.

This is something we need to teach when they are young and not when it's time to head out the door to college.

These skills, which my sons have developed over the years, have served them well in all areas of life even beyond food allergies.

My now teenage and young adult sons manage their own medication, eat out with friends, attend school and social events and have both traveled internationally without me.

Parenting children with food allergies can be confusing and frightening but it doesn't have to be and you most certainly don't have to go it alone.

Given my personal experiences and my connections to others with similar experiences, I was inspired to develop this workshop to teach my 2-pronged approach to protecting our children with food allergies.



  Using the E3 Method 

This 3-week online workshop will teach you how to protect your child and tweens WHILE preparing them to live fully with their food allergies. 

First,  you will learn how to educate the members of your child's Food Allergy Circle like family members, daycare providers and teachers.

Next you will learn the 3 essential pillars to empowering your child using, the E3 Method, which includes how to Evaluate, Educate and Equip your child.

Why I created this workshop

As a food allergy mom, I know this can be a tricky and sometimes lonely journey.

I have spent significant time identifying concerns and real struggles of parents, just like you.

One common theme is fear. We fear our children going to school, attending parties, advocating for themselves and having a reaction when we aren’t around. As a food allergy mom, I have experienced this fear first hand. While I can’t say this road is easy, I have realized that living with food allergies is doable with education and being proactive.

Through my research on empowering children with food allergies, I recognized an important omission which is real-life examples of how other people navigated various challenges. I began gathering and analyzing examples from our life as well as examples from people in my book, A Little Bit CAN Hurt: The Shocking Truth about Food Allergies - Why We Should Care, What We Can Do, and support network.

As a result, I developed a presentation on how parents of children and tweens can successfully navigate food allergies which I presented at the S.A.F.E. Food Pantry Educational Session. This presentation helped other parents to learn valuable tools through which to help their children be safe and strong.

Due to the positive response from my presentation, I decided to create this small group workshop to further assist and support our community.

Who is this special introductory workshop for?

This workshop is for busy parents, grandparents or caregivers of children and tweens with food allergies who want to learn practical information and tools to protect and help equip children to manage their food allergies now and in the years to come including numerous real-life examples.

What will I learn?

You will learn ways to protect your child in various situations such as at daycare, school, and in social settings as well as how to equip your child to begin managing their food allergies in age appropriate ways using 15 essential tools, tips and tactics.

You will learn:

  • 3 steps to empowering your child
  • ​an important step in diagnosing food allergies
  • a time saving technique for label reading
  • ​the meaning of the Food Allergy Circle
  • the form you should never leave home without
  • ​important behaviors to help your child self-advocate
  • ​resources for you and your child to learn about food allergies
  • ​mindfulness techniques to help you and your child with anxiety
  • ​15 age-appropriate tools to empower your children
  • ​ways to prevent allergic reactions
  • ​specific examples of empowerment from inspiring families

What will I get?

 An opportunity to work with me and a few dedicated people in small group sessions.

-(3) 60 minute live Zoom calls which will be recorded.
-Support and personalized feedback in our private FB Group.
-Be part of an intimate group of people dedicated to helping their children and tweens.

Follow up Q&A via website, email and Facebook.

My goal for you…

My goal is for you to realize you are not alone.

There are many other families on similar journeys.

By working together, sharing ideas and essential tools, you will learn to help your children to be more resilient, confident, empowered and safe in dealing with food allergies, as well as any other challenges that they may face.

If you would like to be a member of this special group, please sign up below.

I look forward to working together!


Any questions? Please contact

Using the E3 Method 

Dates: March 2-23

Registration Ends: Midnight PST on Thursday 2/27/2020

When you join the Parenting Children with Food Allergies Workshop, you will discover strategies to help both you and your child successfully navigate food allergies.

Here's a preview of what you will receive:

Module 1

Introduction with workshop overview and specific methods to engage and educate the members of your child's Food Allergy Circle including family, daycare instructors, and teachers.

Module 2

You will be given suggested resources to educate children and an introduction of the 15 tools, tips and tactics to empower children with specific examples on how to implement the strategies including real life examples. 
You will also learn mindfulness techniques to help with anxiety and stress specific to this age group.

Module 3

You will be given suggested resources to educate tweens and how to use the 15 tools, tips and tactics to empower tweens with specific examples on how to implement the strategies including real life examples.   
You will also learn mindfulness techniques to help with anxiety and stress specific to this age group.



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 55 Non-Food Birthday Ideas 
Celebrating birthdays and other events with food in the school setting can be both risky and isolating to our child.  Here are some non-food ideas that help all students participate in the party fun!
 A Little Bit CAN Hurt
I have included an electronic copy of my published book where I interviewed families with food allergies, as well as professionals who work with them, like Dr. Robert Wood Director of Pediatric Allergy & Immunology at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.
The book underscores that food allergies can be life threatening but also manageable by recounting  narratives from families living with food allergies.  
 Chef Keith Norman Interview
Exclusive recorded interview with Chef Keith Norman, the Food Safety Manager & Asst Executive Chef at the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa and the author of a Chef’s Perspective. Keith and I talk about food allergies, his inspiration for writing the book, and how you can empower your child while eating out at a restaurant.

 You will also get his 7  Questions to Ask While Dining Out and 5 Warning Signs to be Aware of at a Restaurant!

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  • Module #3: Resources to educate tweens and tools to equip them

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Dr. Donna DeCosta is the mother of two sons with life-threatening food allergies.
She is a physician, author, support group leader, food allergy advocate and the founder of The Food Allergy and Sensitivity Circle with nearly two decades of food allergy experience.

  What People Are Saying:
"... It is needed. 
 It is necessary.  "

"I believe the impact that it will make in the lives of moms and caregivers cannot be measured. It is needed. It is necessary.   I am honored to support my dear friend Dr. DeCosta. " 

Chef Keith Norman, Author, Executive Chef and Educator
"...I will continue to use my notes from the course..."

"For me I thought the course was a great overview as how to empower kids after diagnosis at any age. I would have loved to have access to this course when we were first diagnosed five years ago."    

Food Allergy Mom of 2 
"...simple to implement."

"The concepts for empowering your children with food allergies to truly 'own' them are not only smart, but they're simple to implement."

Gayle Rigione, 
Food Allergy Mom of 3 and Founder of Allergy Force
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